Last Updated: January 3, 2015


My Life in 2024:

Every day I wake up on purpose.

I live in a warm and stylish Vancouver loft with my friggin amazing husband. Big brick walls, an outdoor patio with a view, and sleek furniture compliment the photos of fun family adventures that hang on our walls. Our little dog loves to play with our son outside by the water before we come together for dinner – usually with friend or family joining us as well. Everything in our home is like everything in our life – intentional, high quality, open, and filled with love.

I work on contract taking the people of legacy-making companies to their next level. I travel the globe working with various clients, speaking to game-changing audiences, and going off on family adventures. Between contracts, I write a new book and mindfully develop myself. My boys love it when I am around to make their lunches every day.

I teach yoga to high-performance athletes as part of a coaching staff – making sure I cycle and run so that my own body is always ready for its next race too. I surf in Hawaii as my way to reconnect to the water (and my pro-athlete sis). As a family, we donate to and are involved in our local church and in community organizations supporting health & youth education. We recharge by spending time together – be it at home, on the ocean, or in the wilderness.

Big belly laughs and impromptu dance parties remind us every day that we are living the dream
… and lovin’ it!



My Legacy:

Before I die, I will live in a world where:

  • equality is a lived experience
  • HIV/AIDS & obesity are only referenced in history textbooks
  • my company is filled with, and continues to attract, switched on and unapologetically happy leaders
  • my grandchildren are proud of, and find ease in expressing, who they are
  • human radiation is common knowledge and people make conscious efforts to take responsibility for their own energy
  • Vancouver is home base and the globe has become our backyard


My Core Values:

Love. Adventure. Service. Legacy. Audacity.


How I Want To Feel Everyday:

Abundant: overflowing with everything I need – freedom; wealth; investment; wildest dreams come true

Contribution: making bold moves for those I care about – legacy; service; doing my dharma

Energized: fueled for every adventure – sweat; breath; balance; adventure in the everyday 

Studious: discovering what’s next with a beginner’s mind – connection; honing the craft; taking it to the next level