Before I spend 100 years on this Earth, there are just a few things I am going to do. 100 in fact! The below are experiences I will have – and should not be read as my goals or end points. These are meant to be the bends in the road and the scenery along the way. They are 100 things that will make me smile with 100% of my huge heart.

The ones that are crossed off are the ones that have been completed since creating this page in January 2010.
If you think you could help me cross another off my list, I would LOVE to hear from you!

      1. Eat an avocado smoothie after a morning of surfing with Jason Mraz
      2. Host a talk show
      3. Show up at the airport and buy a ticket for the next flight that day completed Aug 2015
      4. Attend a 10 day silent meditation retreat
      5. Complete an adventure race
      6. Row a single in False Creek
      7. Be the creative director for a music video
      8. Design a house
      9. Invite my entire family to an all-inclusive vacation/reunion (on me!)
      10. Get married – and throw one heck of a celebration to go with it
      11. Drink tea in Nepal
      12. Bungee jump completed August 2011 (thanks Sis!)
      13. Experience the Northern Lights
      14. Learn a dance taught by Mia Michaels (or any SYTYCD (US) choreographer)
      15. Help run an overnight camp for the summer
      16. Eat only raw food for 40 days
      17. Host a Mr. Vanier 10 year reunion
      18. Design a line of vests for men
      19. Ride a camel in Egypt
      20. Complete a Masters degree in change management Graduated from my MBA in September 2012
      21. Teach my kids to fish
      22. Give a keynote presentation at a leadership conference completed Jan 2015 at ReCharge
      23. Take my nephews on their dream vacation
      24. Release a CD – co-starring my friends and family
      25. Party on a houseboat
      26. Create an inspiring leadership development program for my company’s staff team
      27. Sunbathe naked
      28. Watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain hiked Mt. Batur in Bali with Michelle & Anton April 2013
      29. Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong completed April 2010 (with Rob)
      30. Author a book launched my first book June 2014 (Getting Over the Rainbow)
      31. Emcee a friend’s wedding
      32. Take up a sport my kid really loves – just so I can help my kid practice
      33. Bike the Vancouver Ferry loop (North Van – Richmond – Victoria – Nanaimo and back)
      34. Learn to play the ukulele
      35. Sing on a worship team
      36. Dance with Ellen
      37. Be in a “4 generations of Corkers” picture
      38. Rock out with some handmade Mala beads  completed Dec 2011 (thanks Danielle)
      39. Hike the West Coast Trail
      40. Create a piece of art with Christine Paige
      41. Open a transformational corporate campus
      42. Surf in Hawaii completed Feb 2015
      43. Make a homemade ice cream cake for a friend’s birthday
      44. Fly in a float plane with my Dad
      45. Raise $3 million for a charity making a difference
      46. Walk the red carpet at a movie premiere with my Mom
      47. Ride an elephant completed Oct 2014 in Sri Lanka
      48. Name a star for someone
      49. Go white water rafting
      50. Have an art gallery in my house – featuring my friends’ masterpieces
      51. Kiss the Blarney Stone in Cork, Ireland completed March 2012
      52. Drive across Canada in a VW Jetta
      53. Make smores with my sister (and our families) at CampFire Point at Fair Glen
      54. Become a Big Brother
      55. Host a dinner for all my mentors (whoa – talk about a power meal!)
      56. Travel to an Olympic Games as part of the Canadian Olympic Team
      57. Ride in a hot air balloon completed August 2011 (thanks Zoe)
      58. Crash a wedding with Andrew Haas
      59. Eat Chinese Food on Christmas Eve with Adam in Calgary
      60. Walk on fire / hot coals
      61. Get crazy at Burning Man with Greg
      62. Donate blood completed October 2010 (thanks CBS NetCAD)
      63. Have Seth Godin guest post on my blog
      64. Milk a cow
      65. Experience St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland completed March 2012
      66. Try my hand (/feet?) at grape-stomping
      67. Sleep outside in a hammock for a whole night
      68. Tour with a band
      69. Create a “Corker Cookbook” filled with family recipes
      70. Write for a collaborative online publication wrote cover story for Aspire Magazine Aug 2013
      71. Scuba-dive in the Great Barrier Reef
      72. Help my sister cross of 10 items on her bucket list
      73. Teach a spin class completed June 2010
      74. Have a romantic dinner on a rooftop patio – reserved for two
      75. Teach a yoga class completed May 2013
      76. Hit up the Wanderlust Festival with my lover
      77. Experience the infamous “New Years Eve party crashing” with Darran
      78. Be part of a nude photoshoot (maybe in various yoga poses… haha)
      79. Own an entire outfit that was put together by “one for one” businesses. (i.e. Shoes by TOMS, tie by FIGS, etc)
      80. Spend a night in an igloo
      81. Go on a roadtrip with Wesley George, Ryan Ferguson, and Andrew Haas. (It won’t matter to where)
      82. Get colourful at a Holi festival celebration in India
      83. Cold beer + Sarah Topa + Ontario cottage country. completed July 2013 at her wedding!!
      84. Jump around doing Parkour completed January 2013 at Origins
      85. Do yoga for 80 consecutive days
      86. Make chocolate by hand completed August 2011 (thanks boys)
      87. Party in the Greek Islands
      88. Take a tap dance class
      89. Play a full round of golf with my Dad and James
      90. Film an episode of “My Drunk Kitchen” with Haas
      91. Pet a penguin
      92. Experience a zero-gravity flight (on purpose)
      93. Pay for a random couple’s meal. It would make for a great (first) date! completed September 2011 (with Haas)
      94. Walk under/shower in a waterfall completed Aug 2015 in Maui
      95. Attend at least one high school reunion 10 yr reunion in Aug 2014
      96. Find the Corker totem pole on Vancouver Island
      97. Read the Bible cover to cover
      98. Create a time capsule with my kids and open it 20 years later
      99. Go on a wine tour by scooter
      100. Visit a huge amusement park with my friends
      101. Give out free hugs overseas. completed August 2012 (in Denmark)
      102. Camp out at Coachella with a group of my favourite people
      103. Leave the world better than when I found it

(“But you have more than 100 on list!?!” Why not! As things have got crossed off, I’ve added more things to experience. Plus, sometimes we have to break out from our own rules to really experience all that life is waiting to offer us.)